so….. i did a thing. and restarted it. it’s still very new- but will slowly [or not so slowly] get filled. (:

summer meme [01/10] ten families: Parker, Cameron, and Miles Taylor

summer meme [02/10] ten families: Carson Adams and Chris Keller

summer meme [04/10] ten families: Prudence Fitzpatrick and Parker Winters

summer meme [05/10] ten families: Davis and Veronica Baker

summer meme [06/10] ten families: Sebastian and Elliot Mercer

summer meme [07/10] ten families: Kirkley, Indiana, and Pepper Booth

summer meme [08/10] ten families: Blaze and Noah West

summer meme [09/10] ten families: Kendall and Roxanne James

summer meme [10/10] ten families: Austin, Jaydee, and Josephine Hannigan